When we produce a video, whether it’s for television, demonstration, sales, crowd funding, or other purpose, we begin by listening to your goals and we ask a lot of questions.  From that, we create an outline.  The outline becomes a script and then we shoot video based on that script.  We come back to you at each point of the development for your input.  Once the video is shot, it’s all edited together.  This of course is a very simplified overview of the process.  Most people are amazed at how much work is involved in a quality video production.

We are often asked for a cost estimate on a video and the answer is always the same.  There are so many options and variables that it’s impossible to give even a ballpark estimate until we’ve at least arrived at the outline stage.  At that point we should be able to give a ballpark estimate.

Video is the most persuasive medium to present your company, service cause, or product.  You can demonstrate, you can connect emotionally with your audience, with lights, music, sound and animation, you can take them to the action.  It really is the ultimate sales tool.  Let’s get together and talk about your project.