Luminar Media specializes in producing high-quality marketing materials for businesses.  We produce attention-getting videos for television, sales, trade shows, demonstration, crowd funding (kickstarter, indiegogo, gofundme, etc.).  We design memorable logos and full corporate identity packages as well as posters, billboards, and print ads for any publication.  We can also work with you to develop a useful website that customers will find in the search engines and extend your brand presence online.

Jeff, the owner, has been an illustrator, video producer, and/or graphic designer in various capacities for the last 30+ years.  The advantage of working with Luminar Media is that you can have a consistent look and message for every project.  Your TV, radio, print and online messages should be reinforcing each other and building upon each other — not introducing a new look each time.  We can continue with the look you have, or start from scratch with a new image if that’s an appropriate decision for you.

I’d be glad to find out how we can help you boost your brand and your sales.  Call today 530-404-0440.